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How to Learn Forex Trading?

To trade successfully on Forex market you have to learn the theory of Forex trading and gain practical knowledge while trading on demo account. There is some essential Forex education which is required for everyone who wants his trades to be profitable. But self-education shouldn’t end on these basic learning, one should continue to study new Forex techniques whenever he has time to learn, because knowledge and practice are the cornerstones of the successful Forex trading.

There are many Forex e-books available in the Internet, but I don’t recommend buying any of them, because the best e-books about Forex trading are available for free and can be accessed by anyone. Here is the list of the best books recommended for everyone who wishes to learn Forex trading:

Further learning can include practicing your skills on your Forex broker’s demo account — you’ll get essential experience in using techniques from the e-books you have read or your own developed trading strategies. Demo account makes it easy, because you don’t lose any money and you are free to try anything you want. Professional Forex traders test their trading systems on demo accounts first before using them on real money accounts.

If you experience a problem understanding the basic aspects of Forex trading you can find some of the answers to the most popular and asked questions in the FAQ presented by

There are many Forex informational resources in the Internet, browsing through them can help you to learn more about Forex market. You can find such resources in the Useful Forex Resources section of this site.

Forex trading is risky; don’t trade with the money that you can’t afford to lose. is in no way responsible for any of your losses.
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